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Seasonal Gardening Chores for You

Seasonal Gardening Chores for You

Visit Daily:

You need to keep an eye on what’s happening in your garden!. In Seychelles it won’t take long for pests and weeds to take over. Just take a walk in the garden. Plan something for every day and do it. Also, make notes for what extensive work needs to be done, what you want to sow, what changes you want to make. This will help keep the garden beautiful, clean and green! This will also be good for your health and soon become a habit!

Planting and Harvesting:

Make sure your vegetable and fruit garden is always planted with seasonal produces. Each time you open a space in your garden. Sow something new in its place. You can also directly sow the seeds if you don’t have seedlings on hand. Harvest the food plants within a week of produce; otherwise, they can go bad.

Pruning and Culling:

When on the daily walk-through, pick up any branches, dead leaves, etc.; this makes your garden look unkempt. So cleaning it daily will avoid that and many more things like pests, pollution, etc., this can also lead to slow air circulation. So nip in the bud, literally! If a weak plant looks bad, remove it from the bed. Otherwise, it will infest other good plants as well.


It might not be a favorite one, but it is important. You need to pluck weed on a daily basis as soon as you see any. Weed competes with the plants for sunlight, water, and nutrients; if you let the weeds grow will surely damage the plants and make the garden look unkempt.


You need to know your plants for this. Some plants need watering daily, while some need it after a few days. Make sure to make a plan and go by it. It is advised to water the garden no more than thrice a week. The water level should be 1 inch for plants and 2 inches for food plants per week. You can use a gauge to know the level.


Applying mulch differs from plant to plant. Usually, you need to apply mulch on the final step and put in a good amount. However, some plants like annual flowers need mulch during different stages. 


Some plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, etc., need a little support in the form of garden stalkers. First, you need to tie them with stalkers to ensure they grow in the right direction. Then, you can adjust the direction weekly and make sure it doesn’t grow haywire.

Bug Removal:

You need to take action and spray good removal sprays; otherwise, the entire garden might get it. Search for bugs even if a few leaves are turning yellow. You need to be vigilant.


Use natural ingredients like food scraps, paper, etc., to create your compost in the compost bin or the compost pile in the backyard. Then, use it weekly on your plants.



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