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Eden Island: A Luxurious Second Home in the Heart of the Seychelles

Eden Island: A Luxurious Second Home in the Heart of the Seychelles

Eden Island, a man-made island located in the Seychelles, has become a sought-after destination for those seeking a luxurious second home in a tropical paradise. The unique features, amenities, and investment opportunities that Eden Island offers to its residents and potential buyers.


The Story Behind Eden Island:

The interesting history of Eden Island, from its beginnings as a dying coral reef to its transformation into a thriving residential marina development. The story of how a German artist’s painting of a parrotfish, a Seychellois symbol, became the island’s rainbow-hued mascot adds to the charm and uniqueness of this island paradise.

Luxury Living on Eden Island:

Eden Island offers a wide range of luxury homes, from one-bedroom apartments to six-bedroom villas, catering to various preferences and needs. The island’s adherence to Creole architecture, with natural wood features, wrap-around verandas, and pastel colors. The homes are equipped with modern amenities, including Miele kitchen appliances and custom-selected interiors.

Amenities and Community Life:

Eden Island offers an array of amenities tailored to its residents’ needs, including a private marina, four beaches, a community center, and numerous restaurants and bars. The island’s layout and homes feature expansive terraces and balconies, promoting outdoor living—an integral part of the Seychellois lifestyle. Beyond the physical features, the sense of community on Eden Island is palpable, with residents hailing from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. This vibrant mix fosters a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, where neighbors connect and forge lasting friendships. Whether enjoying leisure activities by the marina or socializing at communal spaces, Eden Island residents experience a unique blend of luxury living and community spirit, making it a coveted destination for those seeking an idyllic island lifestyle in the Seychelles.

Investment Opportunities:

Eden Island presents enticing investment prospects for buyers, evidenced by resale prices showing an average compounded growth rate of 8% annually. The rental pool, comprising both short-term and long-term options, serves as a lucrative income source for homeowners, further enhancing the investment appeal of the property. Additionally, buyers stand to benefit from a five-year residency qualification in the Seychelles for up to six family members, providing added value and convenience. This residency opportunity not only offers the potential for a luxurious lifestyle on the island but also facilitates closer ties with the vibrant Seychellois community. Combined with the promising growth trajectory of property values and the attractive rental income potential, Eden Island presents a compelling proposition for investors seeking both financial returns and lifestyle benefits in one of the world’s most picturesque destinations.


Eden Island offers a unique and luxurious second home experience in the heart of the Seychelles. With its stunning natural beauty, modern amenities, and investment potential, Eden Island is an attractive destination for those seeking a tropical getaway and a sound real estate investment. The island’s commitment to sustainability and its role in the economic and environmental health of the Seychelles, making it a responsible choice for those seeking a second home in paradise.



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