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Seychelles to launch a Pedestrian-friendly waterfront project in 2018

Seychelles to launch a Pedestrian-friendly waterfront project in 2018

The first phase of the project aimed at making Victoria town an outstanding diplomatic capital and an Indian prolific ocean center will be initiated next year. Victoria Waterfront Project will provide Seychelles citizens with pedestrian-friendly waterfront public meeting point with a section of live entertainment and residential and retail houses.

According to Joseph Francois CEO of the Seychelles Planning Authority, the first phase is targeting the locals as the first beneficiaries. The local will have the privilege of having apartments, retail shops, and kiosks which they will rent. In case the flats will be sold or leased is a top for discussion at the beginning of 2018 although the government might think of selling them as the joint control of a state’s affairs by other countries. The total amount spend on the project will be known all the details on planning immediately, and the required procedures have been worked on.

The first phase that is being constructed at ex-children’s playing ground along Fifth June Avenue comprises of six buildings with courtyard apartments and retail section. The phase lies in an area of 23760 square meters the ground floor will be set aside for businesses, and the upper floor will have 120 units of either one, two or three bedroom apartments.

There are plans to convert the temporary bypass road into the permanent waterfront access road during the first phase. Therefore those coming in will be using the parking bay located on the south of the project. Plans are there to build another parking bay Ille du Port an island that was reclaimed at Victoria’s outskirts. There will be the construction of a flyover that connects two bus terminals in the area that will make people use public transport instead of privately owned vehicle hence minimizing traffic in the town.

Once the putting up of the project kicks off, the tenants in the present buildings will be relocated. The tenants of the upcoming kiosks will only be permitted to sell the locally manufactured goods. Phase two of the project will have four multi-usage, multi-block building. There will be a sixty apartments units only on the upper floor. The ground floor will have offices, residential and retail areas. The ground won’t be sold but will be retailed to anyone.



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