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LXR Hotels & Resorts launched a Mango House at Mahé Island-Seychelles

LXR Hotels & Resorts launched a Mango House at Mahé Island-Seychelles

Today, LXR Hotels & Resorts revealed plans to launch a Mango House Seychelles at the start of 2021 at Mahé Island.

This extremely tremendous, elegant, and extensive Mango House is located in the Southern area of Mahé on the front of Beach Pristine, extending across the shore of Anse aux Poules Bleues- a peaceful bay of glimmering water. Mango House Seychelles is surrounded by a combination of the fresh and woodsy aroma of Fruit trees. The Indian ocean’s incredible view, a sandy feel of Mahé’s white beaches accompanied by the hospitality of LXR’s concierge; altogether will be an unforgettable experience for guests and tourists.

On the announcement of Mango House Seychelles, The Vice President of Hilton (the Middle East and Africa)- Mr. Carlos Khneisser, said that they are delighted to sign an agreement for introducing LXR Hotels & Resorts at Seychelles. He also talked about three properties currently operating at Seychelles islands, an appealing destination for travelers and tourists. He discussed the exciting and unique culinary concepts of Mango House Seychelles and its diverse menus inspired by local dishes that will attract the guests and the other services of Mango House Seychelles Resort.

Initially, it was constructed as a family house by Gian Paolo Barbieri, an Italian photographer.  Mango House Seychelles comprises 41 extensive and aesthetically designed rooms, including nine suites to provide a homelily feel in a distant environment. Guests can experience Seychelles’s vivid culture and heritage through its artisanal interior, natural view, and expert services. The ultimate hospitality of the Resort accompanied by a barefoot candlelit dinner will create a life-lasting escapade. Experiencing the Anse A La Mouche Bay’s Mediterranean blue water and multi-colored fauna and Flora with a wide variety of water sports like snorkeling and kayaking will be a captivating experience for the guests.

The Global head of LXR Hotels & Resorts- Mr. Feisal Jaffer, remarked that he is delighted to present LXR Hotels & Resorts to a country like Seychelles, where their guests will be able to experience the incredible Resorts surrounded by nature, Island, and its breathtaking view. He further added that Mango house Seychelles would be a remarkable addition to the LXR Hotels and Resorts, from which not only visitors but also locals can benefit. Guests will be able to experience the touch of Seychellois’s fascinating and rich culture and their hospitality in every aspect. 

The exotic flavors of 5 world-famous cuisines, including a variety of soulful Appetizers, Main courses, desserts & beverages made by fresh and local ingredients with a Mediterranean touch, will satisfy the Guest’s appetite. A wide range of recipes from freshly cooked sushi to traditional Japanese delicacies – robatayaki grilled on coconut shell charcoal; will be available at Azido restaurant with a breathtaking seascape to make the Guest’s evening even more heavenly. 

The Island-inspired assortment of cocktails at the Resort’s poolside bar will be the perfect afternoon treat for guests. The Indo-Seychellois resort’s bar shall serve beverages infused with traditional ingredients of the Island like rums, cool gin, cocktails, and tonics.

The Mango House offers three different pool areas for the Guest to pick from, including a pool with a wooden deck, an infinity pool, and the main eye-shaped pool, allowing absorbing sunlight Seychellois. 

Mango House Seychelles will also have treatment rooms with personalized therapies using the local handmade products; these treatment rooms give a pleasant view of the Indian Ocean, double the relaxation feel. The Resort will also have a fitness center to provide a relaxing and rejuvenating stay to the guests.

The iconic and exemplary Maia Luxury Resort & Spa- one of the most stylish and exclusive properties in the country is announced to be launched in September by Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas.



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